Is Fashion New Profession?

Is Fashion New Profession?

Is fashion new profession? This is what came to my head today and doesn’t leave it for all day. How is the important fashion in our lives nowadays? What can we make so exciting to influence our lives, but not to design something new? Little.

However, let’s speak about professions. Today we got thousand of new specialties, which requires new knowledge bases and studies to get in. It is very expected because our world doesn’t stop at one point. It always moves forward.

Very important to finish university, which is answers to all new trends and tendencies. Why? Because without new knowledge, which was invented yesterday or the day before, you can’t go further.

Sounds hard and it is. Always keep your mind and nose up, to feel something new.

Fashion new profession in universities

To study what you want you just need to find the required college with courses you want to deep in.

There is plenty of government and private schools, providing top quality content and studies, faculties in the way you want to research.

For example, IED School of design or New school college with the faculty of design, are happy to take all freshers in their walls, to share the knowledge they have about the fashion and style.

What student should know about the design, style, and fashion, to fully understand that is fashion new profession for him and not for anyone else?

  • Having the taste
  • Will to try something new
  • Love to work hard
  • Find something special in simple things
  • Love everything and everyone

Only in the world, where you surround yourselves with the love and new feelings, the undergraduate or fresher can find himself in fashion. And it will help him to go with it all his life.

This only basis of what needed to be done, to get the desired results in the fashion world.

For the rest, you need an imagination.

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What is fashion?

Fashion is one of the most important things for the most people. People want to be in trend. Want to follow all the rules, which will raise the authority of them among other people. It is the measurement unit for lots people. The more you know about fashion the more authority you have. And back. The more authority you have, the more you know about the fashion. Or other people will think that way.

fashion two

However, you still need knowledge about the thing you are in. What dress you need to wear or what clothes suits to that shoes.

It is not easy. You need to be in trend.

What does it mean to be in trend?

Trending people show others how to dress. It doesn’t matter how do they look like in the beginning. The more important, how others will look at the end.

It is not a joke. Most of the people, who are following last fashion trendings and blogs do not recognize last trends. But after some period of time, we may see them on Instagram or Facebook with the looks they hated before.

So for some recognition, it takes time.  Do not rush!

How hard to make trendings?

No! It is easy as… you know. Most of the stars, who started their fashion ways, didn’t know about fashion. They just tried and succeed. The one thing why they got recognition, it because they didn’t fear to lose. They went further to the fashion dream and got it. So why you can’t?

Sure you can! So stand up and go for it.  Fear is what makes people weak. But you don’t want to be like others. You are special! And special people need special look!

All in all, it is not a bad thing. Good luck